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April 2014
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Untold Games


Untold Game Previews and Reviews – our commentaries on Arsenal games.


Untold Games is part of “Untold Arsenal” – an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from a pro-Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.


Newcastle Vikings v Arsenal Saxons

Arsenal v Wigan. Now the foreign media is starting to pick up on the odd goings on

Arsenal v Wigan.  A time to stand up and shout a lot

Tonight’s bad signs and omens

2 Relegations, 2 Sackings, 2 Administrations v Arsenal

Arsenal v Man U:


Swansea 0 Arsenal 2 – more of this please


Looking forward to two cup games in four days.  Injuries and transfers.


Sunderland v Arsenal from the cty f n vwls

Arsenal v the Royal Borough. Plus Billy Fury, Mr Bergkamp and King John.

Southampton v Arsenal – two ditches and a wall

Match Review: Bradford 0 Arsenal 4. Full details before it happens


Sit down or we’ll reduce your number of tickets. Us v the villains

Untold twutter week round up

Arsenal 5 Tottenham 2 for the second year running





Arsenal Euro Watch: group stage round up

Man U unhappy, Man C thrilled, Arsenal ok.  The new fixture list is out

Bayern or Chelsea?

Season 2011/12 review


Still a lot to play for

WBA v Arsenal

Arsenal Norwich

Que sera sera – reflections on  the Norwich game.

Some serious questions to be answered – and we get more comment that on any other post ever

Ref Watch Arsenal Norwich

Arsenal host Norwich, match preview

The weekend’s top games previewed on Untold

Stoke City v Arsenal

Arsenal v Chelsea

What the game told us about the clubs, and the results re Tottenham and Newcastle

Previewing Arsenal versus Chelsea: Arsenal, Arteta and Aaron.

Football this weekend: Guess who has won the most penalties ever in the premier league

Down the pub: What the Untold columnists are debating this evening during their pre-match drink in the Depths of Despair

The 57 minute game: Arsenal v Wigan

Arsenal v Chelsea – a robust Faustino VII rioja perchance?

History Special: The flavour of football in 1973 – fights bookings and the end of civilisation

Le long Weekend…

Preview of the upcoming league games involving the clubs who might just have a thought about ending in the top four.

Why Man C, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham all have up and coming problems.


Wolverhampton reflections: Wolves beaten before the game really started

Wolverhampton reflections: The rise and rise of a brilliant goalkeeper

Midweek football – previewing Arsenal versus Wolves

Looking forwards to Wednesday’s games

Arsenal v Man City

Mr Wenger cracks a joke, we dominate the noise, and beat City 5-0

What a great game of football!   How the atmosphere came across on the TV

Arsenal versus City: The Untold Preview

The Easter Preview of the top EPL games.

The rest of the season: Could we possibly equal our record of consecutive victories?

QPR v Arsenal

Ref Review: QPR v Arsenal – the ref review

Post-match: In good and bad we still support the Arsenal

The Untold Preview: “Sometimes the luck can make a difference”

Ref Watch: The issue of confidence and for the fifth time it is Mike Dean

Top games:  The preview of the top teams’ games this weekend.


Arsenal v Villa

The view from the travelling supporters in a home game

The tactical review

Being there: conversations at the game on Villa, Liverpool, Tottenham, the coffee and racism

Post-pub previews: Arsenal vs Villa. Spurs trailing in our wake

Premier League weekend previews – the games of Arsenal, Man U, Man C, Chelsea and Tottenham

The coming week in the Premier League: the Untold Preview

Everton v Arsenal

At a moment like this it is important not to crow at the misfortune of others

Waiting for kick-off.  Has Arsenal “always been a selling club”?

Ref Watch (with the man who once loved Everton)

The preview

Arsenal versus Newcastle:

The almost impossible; almost a miracle; a wonderful night despite going out

Achieving the impossible: Arsenal v Milan

Liverpool v Arsenal – the most detailed analysis on the internet

The tactical analysis

The referee review: under 60% success rate is not good enough!

Redknapp describes the “arrogance of Arsenal”

What it feels like to win at Anfield

Ref Watch: Liverpool v Arsenal

Liverpool host the Arsenal: preview tactical analysis, plus the idiocy of some international managers.


Arsenal/Tottenham – the final word: the tactical review

We haven’t finished yet – more thoughts on the match against Tottenham

Sunderland v Arsenal

Arsenal versus Milan preview

Thierry Henry: the miracle man

Mists and tears in my eyes – Sunderland 1 Arsenal 2

Sunderland versus Arsenal: preview.

Arsenal win 7-1 – that great sick feeling (v Blackburn)

Bolton – Arsenal, our man at the ground

Bolton – Arsenal, the Untold preview

Swansea v Arsenal:

The ref review

After Swansea Part 1: The Missing Link

Swansea v Arsenal: the statistical and referee preview

Arsenal v Leeds – being there

A statue came to life – Henry’s return

Arsenal v Leeds – at least it is a game where we know the team in advance

The Fulham affair

After Fulham – all the things the press reported but Mr Wenger did not say

London people are unfit to referee according to the referees’ association

What did Mr Wenger mean when he said “We know what to expect in London”?

Corruption in the Premier League: Poor-Bert – the next head of PGMO

Incompetent or bent?  Certainly one or the other.   Fulham v Arsenal – the ref review

Ref Watch – Fulham v Arsenal


Match Preview – oh hell its Atrkinson.  Arsenal v QPR

MATCH REVIEW: One of those days in north London when all you can do is let the clichés out

REFEREE PREVIEW: Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wobbleyou

MATCH REVIEW THE SECOND: the man on the inside Phil Gregory

MATCH REVIEW: One extraordinary fact about the Man City game

Match Preview: City host the Arsenal

MATCH PREVIEW: Oλυμπιακός Σύνδεσμος Φιλάθλων Πειραιώς  V Arsenal

CHAMPS LEAGUE PREVIEW: Who we might play, Wenger on new striker, disharmony in the royal household..

MATCH COMMENT: Manchester City create the most expensive shot in the history of football

PREVIEW: Arsenal vs. Fulham – Same old same old?

MATCH RESUME: The last thing you’ll ever hear a match commentator do is apologise for getting it very wrong.

MATCH PREVIEW: Arsenal/WBA What it says on the tin, really

CL Preview: Arsenal vs. Marseilles

MATCH PREVIEW: Uproar at silent protest in Marseille as coach called a Japanese chicken

MATCH REVIEW:I like my fighting gunners… Chel$ea 3 Arsenal 5

MATCH REVIEW: I like my fighting gunners… Chel$ea 3 Arsenal 5PREVIEW: We’re off across London – Chelsea vs. Arsenal

MATCH REVIEW: Arsenal/Bolton in the league cup

ANOTHER GAME PREVIEW. Arsenal v Bolton (league cup)

MATCH REVIEW: Arsenal 67 Stoke 33

MATCH REVIEW: Marseille 2 Arsenal 5MATCH PREVIEW: The Dark Forces v Arsenal in the Champions LeagueMARSEILLE PREVIEW: Marseilles, Lorient, Lyon review

MATCH REVIEW: Three go missing at the Emirates

PREVIEW: Arsenal vs. Sunderland

MATCH PREVIEW: Finally back to football and some of the injured are back too
MATCH REVIEW: Time to swallow the bigger pill

Is this Arsenal’s best start to the season ever?

Arsenal/Olympiakos everyone is injured or on strike.

Arsenal/Bolton – a nice day and not just the weather

The Untold Preview

The ref Watch

Blackburn v Arsenal

Some bad, but also some good things

The ref review : Mostly bad

The aftermath of Blackburn: the view from the stands and the Day They Sold Out of Pies

The most amazing extraordinary and detailed pre-match analysis of a referee for an Arsenal game ever, ever, ever

A little bit of sanity: the Untold Preview

Billy the Dog: the Sad Story of Fat Sam and a Chicken



The Champions League

Dortmund: the view from the stands

Untold Ref Review Dortmund v Arsenal

A Day at Dortmund; what football is all about

Bratwurst und Bier; Dortmund in the Champions League: the catering report


Arsène’s Mood Takes Down the Western Economy

The game ahead: Arsenal versus Dortmund

Cocaine, the most unpopular man in Borussia and a priest down the pub.

Arsenal v the jolly lads from the west: the catering review

The Untold Ref Preview: Arsenal v Swansea (and no Welsh words in sight)

Arsenal v Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Abertawe: history, who plays, drink prices…

Be very quiet, hush!  There’s good news at Arsenal

We will get better

The Barton fall out

Arsenal v Liverpool, the story for the defence

The brave, fearless and intelligent: four great heroes of Arsenal

Index of articles previewing 2011/12

Arsenal v Villa – the Untold ref review, with new expanded analysis

Howard Webb at Old Trafford.  What happened and what happened next

Fulham Arsenal – the final Untold ref review of the season

The problem with Untold Arsenal: moving things on

Arsenal under ref Atkinson get a booking every 4.4 fouls… some 30.6 fouls less than Fulham.

Fulham v Arsenal – the preview of the last league game

The extraordinary bias of Michael Oliver – the ref for Arsenal v Villa

Dennis Bergkamp talks to Billy Le Dog about Aston Villa and other cabbages

What happens when a ref decides to give no fouls at all.  Find out in the review of the Stoke / Arsenal game

Ref Watch: Arsenal v Stoke Evil

Arsenal v Stoke Evil: match preview

The Untold Ref Review: Arsenal / Blackburn

After the Cappuccino Affair: Untold Injury Index, Gameweek 35

Arsenal and the Cappuccino Affair.  What made 1 May such a totally happy day

Arsenal v The Debt Machine: The Referee’s Report

Arsenal v The Debt Machine: A few initial comments

Arsenal v The Debt Machine: The Referee

Arsenal v The Debt Machine: The Preview

Untold Ref Review: Bolton v Arsenal

Refwatch: Bolton v Arsenal

Notlob v Arsenal – the match preview

Untold Injury Index Gameweek 33

The Untold Ref Review: Tiny Totts v Arsenal

How long can we go without winning the league before it gets worrying?

Ref Watch at Untold – Tottenham-Arsenal

Blackpool – the story…

The Untold Ref Review


The preview

Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0

The TinyTotts – what do these footballers have in common

The Untold ref review: Do you have a good stopwatch?

The Untold preview: Arsenal – Liverpool

The Untold ref watch – Arsenal-Liverpool

We knew it would happen

Arsenal take on Dowd.  Blackburn will also be there

Arsenal v Some Northern Team or Other – the preview

WBA – Arsenal, before and after

The ref review: are we sour grapes merchants?

Refwatch – amazing as never before

The Untold preview

Barca Bankrupt v Arsenal – match preview

The Real Immorality rests with Barcelona

The Untold Ref Review: Barca Bankrupt v Arsenal

Going out of the Champs League: a blessing in disguise?

Arsenal v Sunderland – the match preview

RefWatch Arsenal v Sunderland

Untold Injury Index

Orient, did we really learn anything

Arsenal v Orient : the match preview

League Cup Final

Sometimes thing can be hard to swallow

The Untold match preview CC Final

Oh Dear its Dean

Orient v Arsenal

The Untold Ref Review for Orient / Arsenal

The joy of two squads

The team, the result, the other stuff

Arsenal v Wolverhampton

So what actually happened?  Walter Broeckx’ review of how the ref actually actually performed

It’s every ref’s nightmare: Dogface looks at the ref’s record, his bias, and our chances of getting a fair deal.

The match preview

Arsenal v Stoke City

The Untold Ref Review Arsenal / Stoke

The match preview and the result before it starts

The pre-match review of the ref

Arsenal v Barcabankrupt

The experimental Untold Ref review

A letter of thanks and appreciation to Gunners

It was simply an honour to be there

Walter and his family wreck the house: the game in Belgium

The small matter of the teams, the tactics and stuff of that nature

Snooping around the Barcabankrupt blog

The injury update


Chelsea 0 Arsenal 3

Have we really improved? An early comparison between seasons

It is time to stop fouling goalkeepers

The Media Influence on Supporters

A review of the first third of the season+

Newcastle v Arsenal

Newcastle Dowd v Arsenal – the ref’s review

Ref Preview Newcastle v Arsenal

Match preview Newcastle Arsenal

Untold Injuries – the EPL update

Can we cope without Nasri: here’s the stats

Transfers, deadlines and lots of money

Arsenal v Everton

Final proof that the Premier League is bent

The most insane bit of refereeing ever seen

Us against the rest

Refwatch Arsenal v Everton – it doesn’t look good

Arsenal v Everton – the Untold Preview – it’s looking hopeful

Snooping around the Everton blogs – it looks rather boring

Arsenal v Huddersfield

A surprising score for the ref

This is how it has to be sometimes

Phil’s ill – Billy The Dog gives his preview

The return of Diaby – just like a new signing?

Herbert Chapman at Huddersfield Town

Arsenal matches, previews, reviews, humour, analysis

Arsenal v Ipswich

The Untold Ref Review: Arsenal v Ipswich Wall

Arsenal 74 Ipswich 5

Arsenal v Ipswich.  In Arsene we still trust

Arsenal v Ipswich.  The team and all that stuff

Who is the biggest twit on radio?  Find out in the Untold Football Awards

Final Word on the WHU game: what difference does one player make?

The Untold Ref Review: Arsenal v Wigan

It will be very difficult for us to be taken seriously in the corridors of world sport

Refwatch – Arsenal v Wigan

Step aside Ms Cheese – Phil’s got his computer going

Bogus Cheese runs her fingers over the pundits

Snooping around Wigan.   (This might be a health hazard)

Leeds v Arsenal – the ref’s view and the invention of the reftionary

Leeds 2 Arsenal 11 – new ways to do football

Leeds – Arsenal; match preview

Arsenal v Leeds – the worst Arsenal match ever.  Ever!

Arsenal / Leeds the ref review

Arsenal vs that lot from the other end of the M1 who went bust and got relegated

The surgeon’s view of the handball against Man City

It seems like it was only the day before yesterday that we played Chelsea.  Now we are off again

Arsenal v Chelsea – the review of the ref

When Kevin says we’ll get three, we get three.

Arsenal v Chelsea – a bold prediction

Arsenal v Chelsea: we’ve got Mark Clattenburg

Is the league getting more difficult to win?

How will the ref do against the team they call “The Towel”

Full Index of posts: The games

West Ham (soon to be near neighbours of Stratford Hotspur) vs Arsenal

The Untold Ref, the ref review

Pornographers 0 Arsenal 3

Another grey day: the match preview

And herewith: the ref preview

Arsenal / Man C

You don’t know what you’re doing: Plus the ref review Arsenal v Man C

Ref Watch: Arsenal – Manchester City

Arsenal / Birmingham

Something rotten in the state of football – the ref review Birmingkick v Arsenal

Birmingham 1 Arsenal 11, as Ferguson takes match fixing to a new unprecedented level

I guess that’s why they call it The Blues.    Birmingham Subterranean vs the Arsenal


Just how good can a ref be?

All the action before it happens

The Injury index as a result of the weekend’s games

Arsenal v Fulham in the freezing, freezing coldness

The referee: how did he do?

The result: clearly the EPL is the worst league in the world

Ice, snow, freezing cold: the line ups and the result

The most comprehensive pre-match review of the referee ever undertaken

Are Arsenal no good at defending set pieces? Are you sure?

Arsenal, Wigan, the League Cup, Ipswich

Arsenal v Wigan – the review of the ref.

Everything you never knew about the League Cup

Arsenal v Wigan – does anyone know who is going to play?

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Gameweek 15, the injury crises

What the stats really show us about Arsenal

Reply to a correspondent with an abusive screen name

The Untold Ref Review: Aston Villa vs Arsenal

Premier League announce major enquiry into match fixing at Aston Vill game

Who is deluding whom – thoughts ahead of the Villa game

Villa v Arsenal – the referee preview

Braga and the Stone Pit: Arsenal in Portugal

Team news and chatter

Braga and the Stone Pit: the stadium, the hill, the rocks, the pictures

The injury index as a result of the weekend’s games


Arsenal: the Lost Weekend

The injury index as a result of the weekend’s games

Was the ref right?  Up to a point

The lost weekend

Arsenal 2 Fifa 3

Nothing is lost apart from today

: Arsenal v Tottenham

The match preview: the tricks, the tally, those terrified turns as traumatised Totts troop tunnelwards.

The ref is Phil Dowd – is that good or bad?

ESPN up their anti-Arsenal propaganda ahead of Tottenham game

Tottenham fans prepare for major celebrations of their anniversary

Did Tottenham bribe their way into the Football League?

Injury index after the last game

Everton Caramelized Molasses vs Arsenal

Injury index after the game

The untold ref review: we give that man marks out of ten.

Match review: don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Back on track with Arsenal against the Molasses of the north – the proper preview

Match preview and a tale of woe

MOTD set the agenda: watch for the Cesc tackles

The ref is Mr Webb.  Time to hide under the duvet

Wolverhampton Silver Lining vs Arsenal

The Ref’s review.  A brilliant 30 minutes, and then a bit downhill

Injury update after the mid week games

The match preview

The referee preview: here’s a ref to whom we all send good wishes

The injury index after the weekend’s games

Arsenal v Newcastle: everything you need to know and some you don’t

The final word: the injury index after the weekend’s games

The Untold Ref review: we said what we expected.  So how did it go?

It’s what you think that matters on the biggest stage

The game plan, the team, the result

Billy predicts a 4-2-2-2 line up against tiny Northern kingdom

The referee is Mike Dean.  Oh my god.

Shakhtar Donetskv Arsenal: the build up, the game, the flight home

The real reason for our defeat

Shakhtar v Arsenal – the referee’s report

You might think its a long way to the chemist, but this is ridiculous

It’s a long way to the Ukraine.  Team details.

The injury index.  We’re top of the league once again

Do Champions League refs get bribed?

Arsenal v West Ham Pornography

The use of time wasting as a tactic within pornography in England

The ref’s report: is this the worst ref we have seen this season?

What a bloody disaster, shambles and total cock-up.  Billy previews the game

What can we except from the referee – a preview

Newcastle v Arsenal

The Untold Ref: Newcastle v Arsenal

Newcastle v Arsenal: how to be supremely right

Visiting a pleasant seaside town in the north: Newcastle v Arsenal

Has the real Samir arrived this season?

The injury index – and guess what, we are not the worst in the league

Manchester Arabia v Arsenal

You are just not going to believe the score that Mr Clattenburg got in our regular referee analysis

We predict everything correctly, apart for the bits we got wrong

Sunday’s preview: the game, the tactics, the team, the result

Songwriter Paul Simon, and the Professor of Philosophy, University of Frinton on Sea, discuss the game with Her Majesty the Queen

What might we face from Mr Clattenburg

Arsenal v Shakhtar

The most sporting occasion I have seen in 50 years of watching Arsenal

The best refereeing we have seen all season

Arsenal vs Shakhtar – the serious preview

(A review by Billy the Dog and his nurse)


Arsenal v Birmingham.  It’s time to fall over a bit

To waste or not to waste that is the question

Untold Injury Index

The referee’s report on the game

Arsenal 13 Birmingham 6, Time Wasting 25

Arsenal v Birmingham: the thoughts, worries, news, teams, result

KGB in Fulham vs Arsenal Reserves.

The Untold Injury Index

The Untold Ref Report: he gets 30%; by Walter Broeckx

Match report and contemplation by Tony Attwood

Full match preview and line up by Phil Gregory

The Media Influence on Supporters (in case you are going to watch this on the Evil Sky)

Partizan vs Arsenal

Partizan v Arsenal: The most disgraceful, appalling, awful, inept…

Partizan v Arsenal: The Untold Referee’s Index

Does the Champions League affect EPL results?

Partizan vs Arsenal – an Untold Prediction

Partizan vs Arsenal – the injury index

Arsenal v West Brom-witch Wobbleyou

The Untold Referee Index, Arsenal v WBA

In better and worse we will always support you

Inside the ground, at least, we are beating the Anti-Arsenal gangs

The team, the game plan, the result.  Billy the Dog tells it like it is

12 first teamers injured, but unlike Man City we still have a team

Tottenham in the league cup

The Untold Ref Index: Tinies v Arsenal

All the stuff that Arry said after the game which you wouldn’t believe anyway.

A serious profound and intellectually stimulating analysis of the game

Untold’s prediction of the team

Sunderland away

Sunderland 1 Arsenal 1 – a great victory

An analysis of the ref’s performance

From the marmalade of tackles to the croissant of confusion

The Sunderland pitch is tilted and gives an unfair advantage

Blackburn away

Blackburn Away: The Untold Arsenal preview

The Untold interview with Fattus Samus ahead of the Blackburn fight

Why we need to be so very careful about Arsenal statistics

New feature : the weekly Untold Ref Index.  How did the ref do in our game?

Blackpool home

Let us be very careful when analysing Arsenal games and statistics

Do Arsenal get more injuries than anyone else?

Hello Henry and Pires II (Arsenal v Blackpool)

Billy the Dog on Arsenal, Blackpool and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Liverpool away

Liverpool v Arsenal

Untold Arsenal – the (fairly) complete index

(please note we’re still working on getting these indexes into shape – the Media index, Corruption, and Ref indexes are  just about done as is the page on Corruption, but others are still awaiting a make over)


Write for Untold Arsenal

We really do welcome writers who have a positive view of the Wenger revolution, or who have something new to say about any of the topics that we regularly cover – all listed above.  Just email your idea to or send in the whole article as a Word file attached to an email.

Making the Arsenal

Full details of the novel which tells the story of Arsenal’s collapse and birth as a new club in 1910.  Details here. A new book on Woolwich Arsenal FC is in preparation.

This is an index page of Untold Arsenal recording our analysis of the past games.